I wanted to follow up and express our sincere gratitude to you and the Board of Directors at ASCEND for this generous offer. Your gift helps to fill an enormous need for in-class technology resources, and this contribution will go directly towards fostering new skills and opportunities for our newcomer clients and their families at our two schools.

Calgary Immigrant Educational Society

Impacting Lives

“ASCEND is strengthening the impact of our work in the community, ensuring that children and families have the resources to become healthy and resilient.”  

Karen, Closer to Home                                                   

Dear Ascend team, 

My sisters and I would like to thank you so very much for your support for the computer.  We truly honestly appreciate it so dearly.  You honestly made us so happy when we received the computer.  Now we can make sure our homework is done properly! You also saved us tone of time; instead of always going to the library to type and print things off and then having to walk back home again.  Sometimes I would be at the library  for 3-4 hours just typing an assessment.  It especially sucked in the winter with all the snow! 

From: N, N, M and H!

PS. I wrote this letter on our new computer! YAAAAAAAYYYY!!! :)